Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A US agency announced today that the courts will be closed from August 21st to October 6th. There are now 4 US agencies who have heard a date of August 21/22nd for the closing, and this is the first (that I know of) to give an exact date for reopening.

*Note: I've heard of a new court date given recently for October 6th, which seems to confirm the information above that the court is indeed closing.
edited to add: Another case with a US agency has a court date of October 7th.


  1. Was the court date for the Oct. 6th family a case that was affected by the ban? I am so hoping they get finished with all of the open cases (that have been affected by the investigation) before the closure.

  2. Oct 6th was a date given for a new case. I don't know when they got their referral, only that they had not had a previous court date. I too hope that they will get all the open cases through before the closure!

  3. We have a court date of 8/28/09 so I am hoping the courts will still be open. our 1st date was may 13th :-(

  4. Anon 6:25 when did you get that date? That is good news!

  5. What happens to these children when they grow up and realize they have been taken to an alien culture without their consent?
    Where do they find mates if they want to have children like their self?
    What about the family they leave behind and can never see again?
    Why are you stealing these children from their people?
    Human trafficking is a sin.


  6. firsthandexperience...get over it!

  7. Yet another troll (=>someone who posts controversial statements on forums just to create a reaction), just ignore it

  8. But what if this person is an ethiopian, really worried about what is happening to these children? I think that persons worries and thoughts are honorable and should be met with an answer.
    It is true, that there is an issue. However, when we choose to adopt, it is because we think and hope that we can give that child a wonderful childhood and a wonderful life.
    We will always honour the ethiopian culture, and we ourselves will become a little bit ethiopian, since our family is now partly ethiopian. In everyday life of course our child will just be of our culture, but the ethiopian aspect and the love for Ethiopia will always remain. We participate in an organization in our country for people with adopted children from Ethiopia. We meet several times a year and all the children are together playing and learning about the ethiopian culture. Besides that we will meet with adoptive families with ethiopian children on a regular basis.
    Ethiopia is taking the international laws regarding trafficking seriously. The late investigation also shows that. Therefore, I think that we can relie on the fact, that we are only adopting children that are really orphaned or relinquished out of necessity.
    When our children grow older, we will go back to Ethiopia and visit. I also bought an amharic language course to try to learn a bit.
    You can be sure, that we only want the best for these children, and we will love them more than anything.
    Best regards,
    Loving adoptive mother

  9. It was a great answer Loving adoptive mother. We think absolutely same way than you wrote.

    No news from Wednesday, Thursday or Friday?

  10. We have a court date of Oct 7th so it must be open again by then.