Wednesday, July 8, 2009

(**Updated with more agencies)

With so much information coming in, I thought I’d summarize:

Saying the Investigation is over:
-7 US agencies
-9 European agencies from 4 different countries

Saying the ban is lifted:
-7 US agencies
-6 European agencies from 4 different countries

Told by the court to expect new court dates soon:
-2 US agencies
-4 European agencies from 2 different countries

Already received their new court dates:
-8 US agencies
-2 European agencies

Passed court:
-4 cases from 2 US agencies

Didn't pass court
-2 cases from US agencies (no MOWA letter)

I may have missed some, but these are the minimum that I know of.

Reporting MOWA is closed:
-At least 10 US agencies
-At least 2 European agencies

Reporting the courts are staying open:
-4 US agencies
-1 European agency
*saying open for 1 week later: 1 European agency
**saying open till end of August: 2 US agencies


  1. thanks ethiopap....looks like things are moving! just curious...ethiopap you have said that your agency does not tell you anything...have you heard anything about your case??? you have worked so hard for the rest of us i am praying for good news for you!

  2. Me too!!! Thanks so much

  3. Thank you anon :) My agency is one of the ones saying the ban is lifted and to expect new court dates soon :)

    Of course the MOWA closure puts a wrench in everything...

  4. My agency called just now. We had about ten families caught up in this. She has new court dates for half of these. One family has been passed already!! She says that if the MOWA letter was already written, families will likely pass court (assuming all else is in order) and if not, they will need new court dates. She hopes we all get in before court closures. KUDOS to the lucky family that passed.

  5. believe agency was told to come back today and we received court dates today for next week. they actually followed through with something they said they were going to do! i love it! of course mowa closing has put a kink in things but there is HOPE! :)

    thanks again for all your hard work.

  6. Wonderful! Jill and anon, if you're interested, you can email me privately to tell me which agency you're with and I will keep it anon. If you're not with the one agency I know of that has received their court dates already, I can add it to the list. And of course I'm intrigued by the family that passed court!

  7. Oh Jill that is the best news in a looooong time!!! The first abandonment case has passed!! That changes everything, really!

    And thank you EthioPap. When this is over you will always have a standing invitation to come visit if ever you come to Denmark!!

  8. Nice!!! Best news. Today ...we will start sleeping a little beat more tonight !!
    Ethiopap also an invitation to come to visit us in Spain!!!

  9. I'm so happy for the family that passed today, one child finally finding a family. But I'm not raising my hopes for our case yet. I still believe the court works with orphanages, not with agencies, which means that if court dates are given to some orphanages and these orphanages work with different agencies, we will hear "new court dates" from many sources but if our baby is not in one of the orphanages getting dates, we may still not get one. Besides, our court date was in the middle of the ban period which means that most probably we did not have the Mowa letter and will have to wait until they come back from their training, hoping there will be enough time before the summer closure. I am sincerely happy for those getting court dates and pasing but I am not hearing anything from our agency and I still believe (just my feeling and opinion) that for the majority of us it will be difficult to pass before the summer closure. Hopefully I am wrong.

  10. We did not pass today.

  11. anon 3:25 i'm SO sorry. do you know what they told your rep as far as why? did they at least give you a new date? again, sorry...hugs to you.

  12. Thanks Ethiopap for this summary. I have emailed my agency asking them why they have not given us this same information - meaning ban lifted and investigation over and why they have not tried to get us a new court date. I am so upset with them right now. On the other hand, I am soooooo happy for the families who passed and those who have dates!!! I only have hope because of this news. I hope that my agency gets on the ball or for some strange reason just hasn't told us anything yet. Do we know how many other cases are to be heard this week? Any other confirmation on what MOWA's closure will do to the process for those who already had letters when the ban went into effect?

  13. Anon 7:31, there are at least 5 cases to be heard on Friday, and I think there are some tomorrow as well. So far, it seems that those who already have their letters (provided everything else is in order) are passing.

    Anon 3:25, I'm so sorry :-(

  14. Hey Ethiopap -

    Thanks for the info. I am going to pass it on to my agency since it seems that I had to tell them about MOWA closing. Thank you for doing this. It makes me nuts to read a lot of the posts but I do not know what I would do without this blog!!! :)

  15. Yes, REF, me either. Therefor a big thank you from me as well, Ethiopap, your blog has really helped a lot during this hard time!!!

  16. Adoption Avenues received new cort dates today due to the MOWA closure. Ours was set for today, and moved to the 30th, along with many other AAA families.

  17. Thank you for that! I didn't have AAA included in my list; I just added them now under "received new court dates". Thanks!

  18. We were told by our agency that our paperwork was filed in the courts today. Does anyone know how long it typically takes from filed to beging ranted a court date? Thank you!