Friday, July 17, 2009

Since there really isn't much news lately and the majority of agencies have their new court dates or are expecting some soon, here is another summary:

Courts staying open:
-all summer: 1 US agency
-open, but not saying for how long: 2 US agencies, 1 European agency
-at least through second week of August: 1 US agency
-1 week later: 1 European agency
-till August 21st/22nd: 2 US agencies
-through August: 1 US agency
-court will close beginning of Aug: 1 US agency

MOWA will reopen:
-22nd of July- 1 US agency, 1 European agency
-24th of July: 1 US agency
-28th July: 1 US agency

(I certainly may have missed some, but this is the minimum)

*Note: The latest court date I've been told about is for 8/19. This seems to be a decent indication that the court will be open at least till then!


  1. We have several families with a court date of 8/17.

  2. Looks like the court closure dates are still up in the air with all the contradictions from the agencies. I hope the end of August/all summer agencies are right :o)

  3. THere seems to may families w/ court dates on 7/27 so i would hvae to assume that MOWA will be back before that. just a thought.

  4. ok.. I have a question. Is there anyone else that received a referral before the ban for an abandoned child, but did not yet have a court date assigned when the ban went into effect and is now being told the courts will not accept their case?

    We received our referral roughly a month prior to the ban and had not yet been granted a court date. Now our agency is telling us that the courts are only hearing cases that previously had court dates, not "new" cases. So, we have still not been filed and were told they don't know when we can be filed - basically that the ban has only been lifted for cases that previously had court dates. (The cases with our agency that preciously had court dates have all been given new court dates.)

    Has anyone else been told this?

  5. Anon 8:18, there is at least one person with my agency who has never had a court date but has now been assigned one for the end of the month (they have an abandoned in Addis case, referred before the ban.) I don't know if they will pass or not, but the court did give their case a court date. I haven't heard before now that the ban might not be lifted for new cases. If you get any more information, let us know!

  6. several from my agency haven't had a court date before and are now scheduled in august. I don't believe at all, that theses cases will not be heard.

  7. Anon 8:18 We never had a court date before and we have been assigned one. I know of several families with my european agency that have been given court dates for the first time during this last week (abandonment cases that have been affected by the ban). So it is not true what your agency is saying.

  8. Lucky you are.
    First you work with an U.S. agency.
    Second they really care about you.

    From all I had to learn from my european agency, I am so completely disappointed.

    They never ever cared about us...

    I am going to move to U.S. for sure.
    Anybody going to give me a help ;-)?
    Honest, it is incredible...

  9. Non Abandoned case here.
    3 court dates in May and June.
    No new court date. File is in a pile. No word on when we will get one :(

  10. Our European agency is still saying that the investigation is not over. This is very confusing.

  11. I wonder why there is still no official statement considering the fact that the ban is lifted???

  12. Anon 3:43 that is just the thing that our agency is also telling for us. NO official anouncement, someone heard?

    -Anon 3:17

  13. Our agency is also telling us that there is no official ban but maybe ET is not going to make an official announcement? It is indeed confusing and unsettling.

    Has anyone gotten confirmation on MOWA today? I mean is there anything new being reported about when they are going to be looking at cases again?

  14. Please let us know, when someone will have MOWA´s acceptance letter, after their training vacation.

  15. ooops...anon 8:11 here. I meant to say that we do not know if there is an official ban LIFT from our agency...sorry.

  16. I don't thing the agencies ever had an official statement that there was a ban? In any case the danish agencies just heard in court. And when the ban was lifted is was the same thing - they were told in court, but there has not been an official statement, and I don't think there will be. Things are just back to normal now.

  17. Well, that certainly is great news.