Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An email:

One family passed today. They had an original court date of May 4 (the first day of the ban, I believe). Five other families were issued court dates for this Friday (of course, we don't know whether a MOWA approval letter will be in place by then). The other six families from our agency (including us) still haven't heard any concrete news, except that our files are at the courts now.

Our agency also reports the MOWA "closing for training purposes."

Our agency also said the courts will continue processing cases through the second week of August, at least. They have not heard anything about court remaining open.


  1. Finally my agency also confirms the investigation over and the ban lifted.
    About court closure they say that normally it is supposed to be from the 7th of august, but they still don't know if the court will stay open longer.
    Of course they also confirm the closure of MOWA and because of that noone (I think this also goes for cases that had court dates during the ban) will get new court dates before the 27th of July.

  2. Noone from my agency, that is.

  3. Hey Irene! Its me with the steps from yesterday (the one everyone wanted to kill)- I am happy to hear that you have this news - it is not totally wonderful but it indicates progress and it sounds like your agency reports the same way mine does. I look forward to more positive posts from you!!!! I really hope this works out for everyone all over the world!!!!!!!! I mean before the sumeer ends!

  4. Hello...From "16 months"
    We passed yesterday. I believe the above post regarding the family who passed yesterday (who had court date the day the ban started) is about us..unless there is another family just like us. we were literally the very first not to pass b/c of the ban..and ultimatley the first to pass when the ban was lifted.

    I hope our passing gives hope to others waiting and I think shows they are indeed going in order.
    Thanks for prayers and good wishes...
    BTW...THe waiting is NOT over since MOWA embassy date. But..our kids are ours...ours ours ours!! Praise God
    Good luck to all
    "Waiting 16 mos"

  5. CONGRATULATIONS 16 MONTHS!!!!!!! How exciting!

  6. PS- So I guess you had your MOWA letter from before the ban went in place?

  7. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S 16 months!! :-))