Friday, July 10, 2009

This is an email from someone hoping to find someone in a similar situation:

Our case is unique and wondering if anyone else is in the same position.

-Referral in early March for RELINQUISHED infant.
-Court date may 14 didn't pass
-Court date June 2 & 8 didn't pass
-Judge requested a paper Wk error be fixed on BM paperwk. It is now corrected BUTTT, our daughters case has been lumped into the abandonment cases now??!

No new court date :( and scared we won't make it thru before court closure

Anyone else with a relinquished child that had failed court dates caught in the delay?


  1. We have a child in a similar situatin as yours. My wife is in Ethiopia now, and said that with the ban lifted we should have a court date this month, and travel in August.

    You are welcome to contact me

  2. We have a similar situation.. we are adopting the biological sibling of our two boys we adopted in 2007. He was relinquished by the birth mom and the orphanage has all the documents to support this.. but now they cannot locate the birthmom. We have had 3 court dates that failed due to the mother not appearing.. at that point they classified him as 'abandoned' and we were got caught up in the ban. We still have not been given a new court date and have gotten no info from our agency. We have been pursuing this adoption for 20 months :(