Friday, June 19, 2009

An update from a US agency:

We have word from our staff in Ethiopia that the ban on Abandonment Cases in Addis, has been lifted. We are currently assessing the issue and finding out our next steps to get court dates for those who have been effected by the ban.

*Note: This is a different agency from the one who reported yesterday about a coming announcement.


  1. please please please be true....

  2. Wonderful!!! I hope this is true!

  3. Was this the announcement today? I don't understand why the agencies don't get info all around the same time. It's crazy! What are we supposed to believe? I guarantee if I sent this post to my agency I'd be told that the ban has NOT been lifted and there is no new news... How fustrating.

  4. It is frustrating, that there is not one funnel for information, that all agencies are not told the same thing. But it is what it is...:( Hoping for all (including me) that good news happens soon.

    We hear NO news from our agency EVER!!!!! This blog is a more current stream of info than anything we EVER get. :(

    Something to look for when you pick agencies I guess in the future....sigh.

  5. Please let this be true! We get NOinfo fromour agency either. The news of the ban wasn't even reported by our agency.

  6. This news sound great!
    But I am also irritated about not all agencies having the same informations or at least not communicating it...
    That is once again why I am asking myself if it can be true?

  7. One more thought.
    Maybe there is no announcement as we would expect it to be in US or Europe.

    As far as I know, last year there wasn`t a "real" announcement as well.

    The agencies and the reps just noticed, that they could pass court again and that was all.

    Of course none of the agencies or reps asked for the reason, but just tried to get their cases passed through.....

  8. We get very little info from our agency. That is frustrating and I agree that it's something to look for when picking an agency. However, it seems like everybody is getting slightly different info which is also infuriating!

    I think anon from 11:19 may be correct. The "big announcement" that we're waiting for may never come. I think maybe it's a difference in cultures. (?)