Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One agency’s take on the new court dates being given out to cases from orphanages not involved in the investigation (summarized):

First, the simplified process of abandonment-
-Abandoned child is "found" and brought to orphanage or police
-Police issue a letter of abandonment that starts the 60 day wait
-When 60 day wait is over, orphanage petitions "the Bureau" for a "clearance"
-As soon as "clearance" is received and family's dossier is in
country, all the adoption case paperwork is compiled and a court date
is applied for

This agency says that for a couple weeks now they have been getting
June court dates for kids who have their "clearances", as well as for
kids who have finished the 60 day waiting period, but have not been
issued their "clearance" yet. Getting a court date for a child from
an orphanage that was not involved in the investigation does not mean
the case is going to pass. This agency has gotten new court dates for
children with their police clearances with the understanding that they
will not pass court if the ban is not lifted by the time their court
date comes. This agency has also gotten new court dates for children
without their clearances but knows they will not pass until the
suspension is lifted AND the "clearances" are given [apparently police
clearances are not being given at this time],

Only IF the ban is lifted will kids with their "clearances" that are
being scheduled court dates pass court.

*Note: This explains why some agencies are receiving dates for new
cases, but not receiving new dates for cases who have already been
affected by the hold.


  1. In a way this is good process. But to tell the truth, in my opinion (are these only my thougts?) this precedure, i. e. in a way to block new court dates is pretty unfair towards us - parents whose court dates have been postponed from May to xy??.

  2. No, these are not only your toughts. I agree totaly and I was hoping that it would not happen this way :-(

  3. But anons, they're saying the court dates aren't going to pass, right? or am I reading that wrong?

  4. From what I understand, they are going to pass IF the ban is lifted by the time of the scheduled court date...

  5. Sorry but I don't any see progression at all here. Basically new court dates are being given for new cases but this has no effect since the ban is still in place. Progression will only be there once the ban is totally removed.

    What I'm wondering is in which order the pending cases will be treated once the ban is lifted...

  6. Thank you that I am not alone. No, the court dates are not going to pass but may understanding is that they will as soon as the ban is lifted, ie less possible court dates for us. My agency told me that it is quite possible that our court dates will take place after court holidays. Then my(?) baby will no longer be a baby but a toddler.

  7. "What I'm wondering is in which order the pending cases will be treated once the ban is lifted..." - That is a very good question.

  8. Our agency told us there is no ryhme or reason on how or when court dates are re-issued. Sometimes they see its just a few days to a few weeks. I would hope they would issue us court dates quickly. We accepted out referral in late Janurary and didnt get our court date until May 8th!

  9. "My agency told me that it is quite possible that our court dates will take place after court holidays."

    Oh please NOT :-(

  10. Re: the re-issuing of court dates--I could see this being a HUGE mess and a long wait. The courts are going to be overbooked with new cases and all these back cases. There's no way they'll get to them all before the court closure (HOPING the rumors about there being no closure this year are somehow true.) For all we know, they could lift the ban and treat the on-hold cases as "new" cases, with court dates months out! I'm getting very depressed right now...

  11. So, only NEW cases are getting new court dates? i understand that this does them no good if the ban is still in place but it seems unfair that IF it is lifted, they are taking up the court dates for those of us who have been waiting much longer. I know there is nothing fair about any of this but this is my complaint. Are any older cases affected by the ban getting new dates? could we?