Friday, June 12, 2009

An email this morning:

I have just received newsletter from my agency here in [European country].
They have been confirmed both by the leader from the orphanage Edget (which was one of the 5) AND staff from the court that the investigation is OVER and the result was that nothing was found suspecious :-D
They expect new courtdates to be given very soon to the waiting cases :-D


  1. These news are FANTASTIC!!!
    I feel like crying.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great news!

    Did they, by any chance, also mentioned when the ban will be lifted?

    Are the investigations over for ALL orphanages?

    Thanks a lot for your post

  3. Thanks for the encourging post! I am so hopefull!

  4. So is that meaning only for the orphanage Edget or all orphanges?

  5. I think with the agency last week who worked with Enat Alem saying it was over, and this one working with Edget saying it, that the investigation is probably over for all the orphanages. Hoping anyway!

  6. Hi everybody

    I'm the author behind the post and our newsletter says nothing about it being only regarding Edget. The headline is: Policeinvestigation in Ethiopia is over.

    I defintely understand it as the entire investigation and as for the ban being lifted, our agency have 9 cases that have been on hold because they were caught in the ban and these are the cases they expect to be getting courtdates for in the near future.

    All in all, I believe these news to be wonderful news for everybody :-)

  7. I am not getting my hopes up until I see a statement from the state department

  8. Thank you to the author of the post for giving more information! I really, really hope it's true and that we'll get a formal announcement soon!

  9. Has anyone tried to call us US Embassy in Addis? Do you think they could tell us anything?

  10. CAN we call the US embassy in Addis? that might be worth a shot. who knows!

    Also, i REALLY want to thank the person that set up this blog. I am desperate for any information and get very little from my agnecy so even if these are only rumors, i am glad to get some information. thank you so much.

  11. Thank you for the informations. Do you know something about Kids Care?
    I really hope it's true too. How many families are we?
    We are waiting too... today we had to go to Ethiopia...

  12. Anyone want to give it a shot? I would but I cant call from work! I guess we have to factor in the time difference!

    Phone: 517-40-00 (Embassy Switchboard)
    124-24-00 (Embassy After Hours)
    517-40-07 (Public Affairs Section)
    124-24-24 (Consular Services)
    666-95-66 (CDC Switchboard)
    551-00-88 (USAID Switchboard)
    Fax: 517-40-01 (Embassy)
    124-24-54 (Public Affairs Section)
    124-24-35 (Consular Section)
    466-95-67 (CDC)
    124-24-45 (DAO)
    551-00-43 (USAID)

    (Note: Include the following area codes when calling the above numbers outside Ethiopia. 251 + 11 + telephone/fax number and 251 + 91 + cellular number)

  13. Thank you for all the numbers! I can't call either right now; whoever can please report back.

    Please keep in mind also though that the US government didn't make an official statement that a hold was in place until 10 days after it had started. IF the investigation truly is over, they may not have been given official word from the ET government just yet.

  14. All- I have contacted the state department and another reputable global non-profit. There is no word that the ban has been lifted. While I keep praying it is, I think we need to sit tight until we get official confirmation. The people I spoke to will be making calls to the Ethiopian government over the weekend and I will keep you updated.

  15. Anonymous above me- did the state department say anything about the investigation being over though? The investigation being over and the ban being lifted are two very different things. My agency says once the ivnestigation is over it still may take a while for the ban to be lifted as they sort out how to proceed with abandonment cases.

  16. The state department did not say anything on the current status of the investigation- just that the ban was not over.

  17. My understanding is the Investigation is over but they have not lifted the ban.I think they wont make an official announcement til a decision is made on how to handle the overdue court dates

  18. we can try the numbers tomorrow

  19. I emailed the US Embassy last week for info and they answered very vaguely. When I asked for specifics, they politely asked me not to contact them but to ask my agency. They only stated what the State Department did....the ban continues except for the three completely government funded orphanages. They confirmed this with MOWA. It was a waste of time. I did get the cell number of Team Leader of the Adoption Unit at MOWA which I sent to my agency to try to get better info. This was provided by a lady at the Office of Children's Issues, Intercountry Adoption in our own Washington D.C. Her email did not say that it ought to be ME that called but my agency. Still have not heard anything since then.

  20. If it is true that the investigation is over, then I would suggest the best course of action, nowithstanding our impatience, is to wait. Any call, fax, email coming from outside Ethiopia may be seen as intrusive and may have the effect of actually delaying the process.

    If the investigation is over then it should be a matter of time befor new court dates are given.

  21. I completely agree with the above post. I think what we all need to do collectively is have our agencies push the courts into staying open until all of the pending abandoned cases pass through the courts.