Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An agency from outside the U.S. told their clients that last Thursday all the orphanages in Addis had a meeting to choose a delegation of them to meet with the Ministry of Social Welfare “in order to finish as soon as possible”. No mention of when the meeting with the Ministry will take place or if it already has.


  1. Good, hopefully the Minsitry will give them the results of the investigation at the meeting.

  2. It would be great, if they would give them the results at the meeting. So they would not have to go and ask for them by themselves. This would then hopefully speed up the whole process.
    Let us hope that this meeting will take place very soon!!!
    I am still so much afraid of the court-closure and that we would all have to wait until autumn to get our new court dates...

  3. We do not know exacly what the investigation was about nor what the outcome is. I also am ignorant on local legislation and politics. It is really difficult to come up with any personal forecast on timing, however common sense would suggest that at keast for the orphanages that were not subject to the investigation, if the latter is really over, then it should only be a question of weeks if not days. I hope...