Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wide Horizons is saying the ban has not been lifted:

Just wanted to let you know that our agency (wide horizons) and state deparment said the info is false- the ban has not been lifted.


  1. what causes this confusion or miscommunication? how could some agencies say that it has been lifted and others say that it has not?

  2. Anon, I don't know, but it's frustrating. I know when I first heard the rumor that they were putting a hold on abandonment cases, my agency director said it had to be false because they had heard no such thing. Then a day later, they sent out an email saying it was true. The State Department didn't even post anything about the hold until 9 days after it had been in place! The best we can do is keep finding out as much info as we can, and wait. I'm still a little hopeful...we'll see.

  3. CHI emailed us and stated they looking into it. Their in-country representative had just checked with the MOWA yesterday and at that time nothing had been lifted. CHI states that hopefully they can find something out today.

  4. so you think that MAYBE it still is true but all agnecies do now know yet? i woudl like more info on the kind person that originally posting on your blog that it was lifted. how did she hear? is she still certian it has been lifted? i have heard nothing from my agency.

  5. The person who has posted this information, on her blog and a couple adoption forums. She is hearing this information from the rep/director from her adoption agency. He seems to provide with accurate information in the past, so heopfully this is on targert.

  6. Anon #2, let us know what you find out from CHI!

    Anon #3, I'm hoping to hear from her, about how her director came to find this information (I believe he's in Ethiopia). Gladney has also been telling their clients that it has been lifted. I hope I haven't created false hope, I'm just trying to share all the information I've received about the investigation.

  7. Great. also, while i am at it, how do i creat a name on here so i dont have to be Anon? it keeps telling me my URL is not correct. i am not a blogger so i dont know. i have a contact with Gladney so i will ask her and see what she has heard. Thanks!!!

  8. i think u have to have a google account

  9. Here is what my agency just sent:

    Dear Clients in the Ethiopia Program,

    I received several emails this morning asking for verification of the rumor about the ban being lifted on the abandonment cases in Addis Ababa.

    Of course I immediately called our in country rep and luckily I got through after only 5 attempts!

    He said that he went to the court this morning and spoke with the judge’s secretary about this rumor.

    There is NO official lift on the ban of abandonment cases. The investigation is still in process.

    Regarding our cases to be heard on May 22 and May 27:

    Our in country rep has prepared a written statement for the judge.

    He will go tomorrow with his written statement and present our situation to the judge.

    He will explain that the investigation has to do with 5 orphanages and that our children are not from those orphanages.

    He hopes that the judge will consider this and either hear the cases scheduled for tomorrow or least assign a new date a few weeks out.

    We plan to speak on the phone again tomorrow and of course I will provide an update at the earliest possible moment.

  10. Thank you BroadwayMercedes! Do you mind telling me which agency that's from?