Thursday, May 21, 2009

A comment:
Gladney has not stated there is a lift on this investigation. Per the most recent agency wide email... the investigation is still in progress.

NOTE: I do know, however, that a couple Gladney clients were told that the ban was lifted for their case. My guess is that these cases are at the one orphanage mentioned in CHI's email as possibly being exempt from the ban, and perhaps the same orphanage (Toukal?) used by AAA. I have no verification of this; so if anyone would like to correct me, please do. Also, if anyone has a child at Toukal and was told their case is still on hold, please contact me!


  1. Are you sure those Gladney clients were affected by the ban in the first place? I know a few families who originally were told they would be affected, but it turned out their children were not from Addis.

  2. I suppose it's possible that their referrals actually originated from outside the city and they're unaware of this, but they were told that an exception is being made because their children are at a government-run orphanage. An in-country rep actually contacted them a couple days ago to tell them the ban had been lifted (and now we assume the rep meant for them only, and not universally). The person who told me this is a Gladney client, and said she knows of 2 people who were told this, hence the rumor among Gladney people that the ban had been lifted.

    When I heard the rumor, I asked the person at AAA who has been in contact with her director to ask him if he had heard the same thing. He said it was true. With two agencies saying it, I really thought it WAS true. It now seems Radu either misunderstood that it was lifted across the board, or he knows something we don't. And of course, now Gladney has come out to officially state that the ban has not been lifted, though AAA is standing firm on it.

    That's everything! Thanks for your comment.