Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From CHI (Children's Hope):

The Ethiopia caucus of Joint Council conducted a conference call where the topic of discussion centered on ethical practices in Ethiopia. There was really no additional information given regarding the abandonment child issue in Ethiopia, as the investigation still continues. No time frame has been given regarding how long it will take before a decision regarding abandoned children in Addis is made. Actually no additional information outside of what you already have been made aware of was given or known at this time.

The emphasis was actually on what each agency can do to ensure the highest level of ethics in adoption and incorporating adoption into a broader range of services where communities in Ethiopia are impacted, families are serviced, better health care is available, education for all concerned, which is a large part of the focus of Children’s Hope in all of the countries that we work in. Development Aid must increase just as the number of adoption increases. Because everyone involved in international adoption is not pro adoption, in order to ensure a long future in international adoption, agencies and everyone involved must be vigilant in ensuring that ALL of the work meets the government’s regulations, even if the process takes a little longer.

Remember that all information we can get on this is important, especially to those of us who have agencies that don't give as frequent updates (like mine!) If you'd like to share with other parents what your agency is saying, please email me at EthioAdoption@gmail.com


  1. i am waiting on an abandoned infant as well (court date should have been 5-18:( do you know if they have any more conference calls scheduled to work this out?

  2. Thank you so much for putting up this site. We are also in the same boat. Hopefully the news will change soon:)

  3. Anon #1, JCICS doesn't have any more conference calls scheduled that I know of. MOWA and the First Instance Court are the ones calling all the shots on this...hopefully they're having lots of meetings and can get this resolved soon!