Monday, May 25, 2009

Info coming from AC (a Denmark adoption agency):

They say that the suspiscious cases especially are concerning some of the children found in the following subcities: Lidetta, Kirkos and Addis Ketema.

(...the children "especially came from" these subcities, so it does not rule out all other cases.)

Note: According to the Addis Ababa City Government, there are 10 sub-cities in Addis Ababa: Arada, Kirkos, Gullele, Kolfe Keranyo, Akaki-Kality, Nefas Silk-Lafto, Lideta, Bole, Addis Ketema, and Yeka. If you look at a map of Addis , you’ll see that the 3 sub-cities mentioned above are right next to each other.

People from AC have also heard that the court is considering canceling their two month summer closure for the rainy season. They believe it isn't to do with the investigation, but rather a general restructuring of their operations. This is very unofficial information, so please do not take it as fact, and if anyone can verify, please contact me.


  1. Interesting update.. . . . .I think that this is something we should try to get our organizations to lobby for- the longer the courts work the quicker kids will be sent home.

  2. Personally, Id rather work through the rainy season and have my annual 1.5 month vacation during nicer weather ;)

  3. This concerns me....our paperwork on our baby says she is from Lidetta.

  4. The Ethiopian court closes during this season for ALL litigants -- not just people who want to adopt, but also for Ethiopians with all sorts of disputes that need to be resolved. I am sure it would be great to keep them open to hear those matters too. But do keep in mind that NONE of the money we pay for adoption goes to the Ethiopian government to increase the staff at the courts (not just judges, but clerks, receptionists, security guards, janitors... all the things a court needs to function). If we want to increase our fees to pay the government for the burden international adoption poses on the courts, then I'd feel comfortable asking for more services -- and I am not suggesting that we shouldn't pay.

  5. I'd be willing to pay a little more to help provide court staff for adoptions during the rainy season. That's an interesting thought.