Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hopefully the end of it all

To clarify, the rumors I'd been hearing all day that the ban had been lifted were said to come from Gladney. I didn't want to post until I had received confirmation from at least one other agency. A person from AAA (I linked to her blog below) wrote to her agency director (I believe he's still in Ethiopia) and asked him if the rumors were true. He said they were, as posted below.

I've asked my agency for further information, as each of you should. Just as agencies received information at different times that the ban had been put in place, so will they receive info that it's been lifted at different times. If anyone would like to pass on what their in-country reps have to say on the matter tomorrow, please comment or email me!

Take the information with a grain of salt until more agencies confirm, but I believe it to be true and I know we are all very hopeful that it is...


  1. While I hope and pray that the news is legit- I have just contacted the US Embassy in Addas and they had no clue of the update.

  2. Gladney has not stated there is a lift on this investigation. Per the most recent agency wide email... the investigation is still in progress.

  3. Thank you anon. I will re-post that!