Thursday, May 21, 2009

From the source at AAA, the one whose director provided the information that the ban had been lifted:

I trust his [the director's] information implicetly, because he was in multiple meetings all last week with Court, MOWA, and Embassy officials regarding all these issues and standardization of the entire process."

I am not trying to give false hope to anyone, just passing on any information I hear for you to make your own judgment. Perhaps it's possible that the ban has been scheduled to be lifted, but not actually lifted yet. I guess we'll see. If anyone would like to share what your agency is saying, I know we'd all love to hear it!


  1. We heard from CHI -

    Dear Families,

    Regarding the child abandonment cases in Addis Ababa, as we mentioned on yesterday on the conference call, we will be sending out a daily email to the families affected by this issue to let your know if we have found out anything new, or not.

    An email from our representative today noted that the court ban on hearing these cases is still in place. It has apparently been lifted for one orphanage in Addis, however, but that is not 100% evident at this point, and the orphanage is not one of the orphanages that we work with. As mentioned on yesterday you may hear many things concerning this issue, as there are a lot of rumors going around. We’ll send out another update on tomorrow regarding any information that we might hear – or not hear.

    Toni Lynch

  2. Our agency rep went to the courts this morning and she said that the ban is still in place. very disappointing. maybe all this news is actually good and there is a lift coming it is just not 100% in place yet.