Thursday, May 21, 2009

From someone with IAI:

We had several abandonment cases not pass court this morning [May 21], and one relinquishment that did pass. Our rep was not told that the ban had been lifted, but rather that the cases were closed until the investigation had ended.


  1. To person w/ IAI:
    were the abandonment cases heard but did not pass or were they not heard at all? i was under the impression taht they would not be heard at all but your post made it sound like these cases were heard.
    My case was NOT heard this monday.

  2. What does that mean that the cases "were closed until the investigation ended"? I was under the impression that the ban meant no cases were being heard, period. This makes it sound as though the cases were HEARD, but did not pass because of the abandonment status...

    Can someone please clarify this for me?

  3. I'm the person who said that...all I know is that's what our rep said. I'm confused as well, because originally she told us our case would not be heard. But her email very clearly stated that we did not pass court. She said it was due to the investigation though, not because of anything wrong with our case. I think it may be semantics (meaning she's saying we didn't pass when really it wasn't heard at all). I don't know.