Friday, September 18, 2009

Ethiopia and singles

At least 2 US agencies have reportedly told their clients that Ethiopia is now closed to single individuals wanting to adopt. It is believed that those with referrals will be able to complete the process.

edited: At least 1 European agency was told no more singles after Sep 2009, and at least one agency in the UK has reported that the UK is officially closed to singles.

From the Australian government:
Australia has received advice from the Ethiopian Ministry of Woman’s Affairs (MoWA) that no further adoption applications from single applicants will be accepted by the Ethiopian program. This applies to any potential applications from single persons yet to be approved by State and Territory Central Authorities, including those who have lodged adoption applications and are currently under assessment.

MoWA has agreed that existing applications already approved by State and Territories can be progressed. This includes those applications lodged with the Australian Representatives in Ethiopia, and those approved and waiting with Central Authorities.


  1. I find this very sad

  2. What does this mean for parents that have sent in their dossier?