Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Annual Court Closure

Obviously the courts have stayed open longer than usual, but it seems they will likely be closed after this Friday. Here is the current list:

Closing after August 21st
: at least 5 US agencies, at least 1 European agency

Reopening Sep. 25th: 1 US agency about 4 weeks: 1 US agency early October: at least 2 US agencies
...October 6th:at least 1 US agency

The earliest court date I've heard is October 6th. If you have a court date after August 21 but prior to October 6, please let us know!


  1. There is at least one family that I know of that has a court date of Oct. 5th.

  2. CHSFS has a few cases that were postponed/rescheduled Oct. 5.

  3. Has anyone gotten police clearace papers for children referred during the ban?

  4. Not for abandoned children that I am aware of. In fact, our baby was abandoned and referred to us in April (before the ban) and she STILL does not have the police clearance papers. None of the babies from our agency in the same situation have their papers. It is so frustrating.

  5. We are home with our little girl now after 3 weeks in Ethiopia. I also know of a couple soon to travel home, and they had their referral during the ban (we had ours before). Only talking abandoned children. So in my opionion it is very curious, that your agency can't get their cases moving forward.

  6. It has to do with whether or not there was a police clearance written for the child before the ban started, not whether the referral was given before, during, or after the ban. The writing of these clearances was halted during the ban, and now those referred children who didn't have one already have been stuck in limbo waiting for MOWA to get to it.

    Congrats on having your daughter home, Irene :-)

  7. Ah ok thats why - I think they maybe should not refer children not having a police clearance then? That might cause problems in many cases? Anyway I hope everybody will be united with their children soon.
    And thank you - our daughter is just the most wonderful little princess...she is such a happy girl, and I am completely in love.

    Irene :)

  8. Hi Irene! So glad that you are home! We are home too with our son!!! While we may adopt agian soon, I feel like we are now a complete family!! As my aunt said of her adopted son, he is pure joy!!!!

    Good luck to everyone!!!!


  9. Hi!
    We are also home with our wonderful girl. She has been ours 2 weeks now:)

    It wasn´t the easyest way to get her, but it was still the rightest way to do this.
    We are completely in love also. Gongrats Irene and REF!
    Family from north-Europa.