Saturday, September 19, 2009

Abandoned children without clearance letters

An email:

"Are there any families that received referrals of children abandoned in Addis Ababa that meet all of the following criteria?

1. The children were referred before or during the ban
2. They had been reported to the police as abandoned BEFORE the ban, but
3. Had not completed their 60 day police clearances at the time the ban started

I would like to know if any of these adoptions have been processed and how many are still pending. We are in this category and know 3 others from the same orphanage that are as well and we are still waiting for our police clearances."

If you have any information regarding cases like this, please respond or email me. Thanks!


  1. Sounds like us. It's possible we are one of the "3 others" mentioned above. If not, count another in the same predicament!

  2. Hey J.B., Jenny here, I sent that email. You are one of the 3 others. But I heard from EthioPAP that there are others like us. Could be good news. Anyway it means it's not our orphanage or our agency that's screwing it all up for us.... It's MOWA!

  3. Jenny, when did you get your referral? How long you have waited now? I hope that you are not the same Jenny, who waited with us, when there was an investigation and the ban.

    we have been home 3 weeks, and our dauhter is amasing little girl.