Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From a PAP using a non-US agency:

"They have 'stopped' all the adoptions of children with at least one of biological parents alive...It's going to be a meeting in Addis this thursday 13th between Ministry and MOWA to clear it up...
On the other hand, adoptions from Gambella region are also stopped as they need an aproval from the Gambela president."

More from this European agency about the Gambella region:
"About Gambela orphanage: they need regional approval for each orphanage and this next friday, at least Selam Orphanage will have this approval in MOWA at Addis Abeba."

*Please note that I simply pass on what agencies around the world are telling their clients, when asked.

1/12/11 update:
A US agency with a care center in Addis recently received approval from the President of Gambela to complete adoptions. A representative inspected their care center last month. Also, this agency has not heard (or told their clients) that there will be any additional stipulations on adoptions, such as children with a living parent being unavailable for adoption.


  1. Who is "They" ???!!!!

  2. With all due respect, what kind of "news" is this? A random email with vague information that will only confuse?

  3. I post what people send me from their agencies. This is what a European agency is telling their clients. No US agencies have confirmed this.

    This blog is inactive now, but I did get this email this morning and decided to post it since the same info has been going around the adoption internet groups for several days.

  4. I would also like to know who they are and is it referencing all adoptions from Ethiopia? Thank you

  5. I appreciate the posting.

  6. Great job keeping us updated! Please consider keeping the blog active as it has been a great source of information for me during my last 2 ET adoptions.

  7. Any news regarding today's meeting conclusions?