Thursday, June 10, 2010

A US agency has given an update concerning the situation in the Oromio/Oromia region:

-They believe the MOWA office for the Oromio region is still officially closed.

-Despite this branch of MOWA being closed, they have written the necessary letters for this particular agency's paper-ready children. [We can assume it is likely they have done or will do the same for other agencies.]

-MOWA will be implementing new procedures for this region, and last Friday they gave some training about these procedures to all orphanages in the Oromio region (20 orphanages have been shut down in Oromio, hopefully reopening soon with the new procedures in place.)

-This particular agency has not yet received any court dates for people who will need to be present at the court hearing under the new court system. They asked the court when they think new court dates will be issued, but they wouldn't give them a timeline.


  1. We feel like we've been waiting forever! We are hearing the same news about no new court dates :(

  2. Has anyone else heard anything about a conference the Oromia MOWA is having this week? We were told they would not sign papers until after this conference.

  3. This sounds like more of the US corruption that caused all the problems in the first place.

  4. CANADA is just as much into corruption as the US...

  5. Our kids were from the Oromia region (ziway) and passed court on June 28th. We returned home this past weekend with them and so this region is not closed down completely. We did have a documents from MOWA in this region and they were written in the past few months.