Tuesday, April 13, 2010

9 orphanages have had their licenses revoked

The nine are:

Adera Child
Agar Lewegen
Biruh Zemen
Help for the Needy
Holy Savior

If your child is from one of these orphanages, you should have already been informed. From the reports I have seen, this is not an issue of children being illegally obtained, and the children from these orphanages will still be available for adoption. They are being moved to licensed orphanages.


  1. WHAT?!!! Why did they have their licence revoked? My child was from one of these orphanages.

  2. It's a political move with the upcoming election. Orphanages that weren't doing enough humanitarian work were targeted.

  3. So Sad :( my little guy was from Biruh Zemen. I visited the orphanage, met the director, and fell in LOVE with everyone there and the surrounding area. It is heartbreaking... I am really curious WHY

  4. We were in country picking up our baby, and at Biruh Zemen for a coffe ceremony, even, the day this announcement came down. Sad times.

    We heard it was political as well.

  5. Please, let us know if You have more information about this. Will they have their licenses back or is this permanent desicions?
    This is sad news.
    - Family who have had their child from one of this listed orphanages

  6. My agency works with one of the affected orphanages. They don't think it's permanent, but they are waiting for permission to move the children to a licensed orphanage which the US state department says should be happening soon.